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Electronic coin selector EMP800 v6

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EMP800v6 coin selector

EMP820v6 coin selector

EMP850v6 coin selector

EMP890v6 coin selector

The industry standard 3,5" EMP 800 electronic coin selector will guarantee an optimal coin handling solution for indoor or outdoor operated machines.

A new generation of coin selector with super fast micro processor offering an individual and flexible solution for the customer and at the same time the advantages of standardised series production.

Due to the faster processing speed a considerable higher efficiency of coin recognition rules can be achieved, thus enabling an even better coin separation. Up to 5 times more parameter sets can be applied to every single coin.

The low power consumption of all coin selectors from the EMP 800 v6 range means it offer a much longer battery life for solar and battery operated machines.It wide operating voltage 10 v to 26 v DC means it if operate in almost any machine.

wh munzprufer’s innovation and continuity have been the focus when developing new products such as the EMP860.

Standard version (basic features)

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