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NRI Crane has over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of electronic coin change-givers.

The NRI G26 3 tube change-giver was one of the first ever change-givers that revolutionised the vending market. This was followed by the NRI G46 4 tube change-giver which not only incorporated an addition tube, but also benefited from lengthened tubes, more coin channels and further functions.

The lasted 6 tube change-giver, the Curenza C2 boosts even more change capacity, delivers high performance coin validation with its unique MFT coin validation technology and has the patented Payout Redundancy Protection (PRP) coin dispensing system.

The MFT coin validation technology ensures genuine coin security while the PRP system includes 3 independent payout motors to ensure that coin payout is always guaranteed meaning that no sales are lost.

NRI change-givers

NRI G46 4 tube change-giver

G46 4 tube change-giver with display module

NRI G26 3 tube change-giver

G26 3 tube change-giver

NRI Currenza C2 6 tube change-giver

Currenza c² 6 tube change giver with HENRI module