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The 4-tube changers of the G-46 series were designed for application in vending and service machines. By changing the connecting cable and/or the interface module, they could be easily be adapted to different machines.

They supported the following machine interfaces:

• 2-price relay output (parallel interface)

• 4-price relay output (parallel interface, also combined with MDB)

• 4-price API (parallel interface, also combined with MDB)

• Simplex V (serial interface, also combined with MDB)

• BDV (serial interface, also combined with MDB)

• MDB (serial interface)

• VCCS (serial interface)

• 4-price transistor

In comparison to the former G26 3-tube changers, the 4-tube changers also benefited from lengthened tubes, more coin channels and further functions.

The coin validator offered a reliable sensing system and rejection of false coins with the proved and well known coin validator G-40. Due to the modular design, you can individually combine your changer with accessories.

Programming is carried out via a PC or via the setting module. The programme menu is clearly divided into programming functions (PRO), display functions (DIS) and service functions (SER). Some of the programming functions (adjusting prices and emptying tubes) can also be carried out directly on the device via the internal keyboard.

NRI G46 4 tube change-giver

NRI G46 4 tube change-giver