Contactless payment readers process payments from credit cards, debit cards, key fobs, smart cards, or other devices, including smartphones and other mobile devices without you needing to insert the card into a reader and enter a PIN code. You simply wave or tap the card/device in front of a card reader and the payment is made.

Because contactless payments are authenticated with encrypted codes, they’re safer than magnetic stripe cards, which store data statically and can be easily cloned. Contactless technology is harder to clone or hack.

A contactless payment machine processes transactions faster than mag-swipe cards or EMV chip cards because you don’t have to enter a PIN. A typical contactless payment takes about 15 seconds to complete so ideal for consumers who are on in a rush.

Giving the option to pay via contactless payments increases the potential for more sales and increases customer satisfaction due to the speed and convenience this payment method offers.

Nayax is the only contactless payments provider that offers a relay output allowing easy integration of contactless payments into vending machines, laundrette washer and dryers, car washes, parking, toilets, and many other unattended payment applications.

Nayax was established in 2005, as a cashless payment, IoT service and management solution provider for unattended retail. Thanks to our customer-first mindset, and the ability to develop our offering in-house, the company has evolved into an award-winning payment and merchant account powerhouse.

Our goal throughout the years has always remained the same – enabling merchants to grow their business at scale and with ease. To achieve this, our payment platform has consistently been ahead of the curve. This includes accepting any new form of payment, to continuously providing peace of mind with the strictest security certifications, and 24/7 monitoring.

We continue to develop value-added services for our customers, from a consumer engagement solution to customized payment methods, an API suite, a mobile wallet app, and even a customizable management system. Whether retail, self checkout, e-commerce, or electric vehicle chargers, our elevated standards for innovative solutions and exceptional customer service remain high.

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Nayax contactless payments solutions are changing the way people think about purchasing products and services.

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