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Upgrade to the New £1 coin.

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Royal Mint Flyer

New £1 coin specifiation

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New £1 Coin New £1 Coin

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New £1 Coin

Final specification of the new £1 coin


12-sided, with rounded edges (‘radial chords’) and corners.


Maximum (point-to-point) 23.43mm; minimum (edge-to-edge) 23.03mm.

Metallic composition:

Nickel-brass outer; nickel plated homogeneous non-ferrous inner.





Additional features:

The Royal Mint’s new anti-counterfeiting technology; milled edges2

A new £1 coin, designed to be the "most secure in the world", is set to be introduced in March 2017.

Being official service agents for two of Europe’s leading coin manufacturers for over 25 year’s means we have access to manufacturer approved software, data files and of course the requisite know-how.

Manufacturer data files contain important information such as the coin acceptance bandwidth, temperature compensation curves, and coin outputs etc....

So whilst data files provide a fast effective way of re-programming, they do not always provide the best optimal acceptance window for individual validators.

Hand calibration, particularly of the higher value coins optimises the data file to individual validators resulting in better genuine coin acceptance and greater

rejection of fraudulent coins.

Firmware updates are also often used by the manufacturers to improve the measuring and control systems.

So in order to obtain the best possible calibration results, we strip down and cleaned every validator before updating it with the latest firmware and coin data file.

We then HAND calibrate every validator with specifically picked reference coins before finally testing each one with at least 10 coins of each denomination.

If you would like to know more on how we can help you, then please contact our workshop manager Mr Nigel Port.


01264 334786

email: workshop@willings.co.uk

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