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wh Munzprufer coin selectors

wh are well-placed in a world of ever changing requirements to ensure that changing needs are met.

From our internationally renowned mechanical Hanke coin selectors to your ultra-modern EMP electronic coin selectors, wh uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that all wh coin selector function even in the harshest of conditions.

wh is a family-owned company with global sales.

wh münzprüfer Products

wh münzprüfer has a policy of continual product development with customer application requirements in the forefront of product design.

In this way customer coin and note validator needs for tomorrow can be met today.

Founded in 1925 by Walter Hanke, wh has a long tradition of R&D and production specifically for coin-operated machines.

Our expertise covers a wide variety of markets, including vending, parking and AWP.

This has helped wh customers to profit from our in-depth experience. Our customers have come to appreciate that we stand for quality and reliability.

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