The sample above is clearly not the most convincing fake, but was obviously good enough for someone to accept it as payment or given as change when they were not paying much attention.

Counterfeits manufactured to deposit into banks over the counter only need to have the correct weight. These coins are rarely visually checked and just weighed in, even if depositing large qualities of coins.

It’s generally only companies that use cash centers that lose out. Coins deposited into banks via cash centres are normally sorted and counted by high speed machines. If counterfeits are detected they are generally confiscated and the value deducted for the amount of cash deposited.

Counterfeit £2 Coins

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It is widely believed that because the two pound coin is bi-metallic, that it would be too difficult and too expensive to mass produce counterfeits.

However, counterfeits can be as simple as a metal disc with a painted outer ring like the sample below.

A counterfeit manufactured for the purposes of handing over to a shop assistant for example, only have to be good enough to fool the shop assistant.

Reporting Fake £2 Coins

Anyone who comes across a counterfeit coin is encouraged to hand it in at their local police station. The problem is that the coins are confiscated and the person loses out.

The purpose of handing in counterfeits is to help the enforcement agencies establish geographical data of where the coins are, the quality and quantity in circulation.

However, as people are reluctant to hand them in the coins are just passed on or for many coin enthusiats they are kept.

As the number of counterfeit £2 coins in circulation is (at present) still low, we believe now is the time to try and help the enforcement agencies find the counterfeiters.

So if you think you have a counterfeit £2 coin then please let us know by sending an email to

Counterfeit £2 coin

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