“Counterfeit One Pound and Two Pound Coins”

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Reporting Fake £2 Coins

Anyone who comes across a counterfeit coin is encouraged to hand it in at their local police station. The problem is that the coins are confiscated and the person loses out.

The purpose of handing in counterfeits is to help the enforcement agencies establish geographic data of where the coins are, the qualitiy and quantity in circulation.

However, as people are reluctent to hand them in the coins are either just passed on or for many coin enthuisates they are kept.

As the number of counterfeit £2 coins in circulation is (at present) still low, we believe now is the time to try and help the enforcement agencies find the counterfeiters.

So if you think you have a counterfeit £2 coin then please let us know anonymously by filling out and submitting our “REPORTING FAKE £1 and £2 COINS” form, to the right.

If you would like to receive feedback and information about counterfeit £1 and £2 coins then please provide your contact details below.

To view a list of reported fakes click HERE.

Reporting Fake £1 and £2 coins form

£1 coin designs

£2 coin designs

Reverse (tails) design

Obverse (heads) design

Edge/rim inscpition

If you have large files then please emailed to :-


Please note this method will not be anonymous.