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wh Munzprufer coin selectors

Wh munzprufer electronic coin selectors

wh munzprufer offer a wide range of innovative coin payment systems for all coin payment application.

Coin selectors/validators.

- 3.5" coin selector EMP 800 with 10 different interfaces.

- 5" coin selector EMP 900 or EMP 780 with 6 way sorting.

wh munzprufer also offer a wide verity of accessories to complement your coin payment systems.

Coin sorter

2- or 3- way sorterer for EMP 800.

Coin insert

- Antipin systems for in- and outdoor applications.

- Coin insertion system.


- Escrows motor driven or with magnet.

Coin payout

- Mini-Hopper – optional with hopper counting scale.

- Standard Hopper.

Coin changer

- 4-tube coin changer for standard or battery operation.

EMP500 series

EMP700 series

EMP780 series

EMP800 series

EMP900 series