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Coin Entry Solutions - Anti-Pin

wh munzprufer offer a verity of coin entry solutions.

Anti-Pin System ES 003

The ES 003 provides coin entry blocking for machines. This extra level of security located above the coin selector forms an additional deterrent to vandalism. Suitable for indoor or outdoor application.

Anti-Pin System ES 005

The ES 005 has been developed for all vending and ticketing machines that require an extra level of security. The incorporated rotating drum provides a reliable protection against the insertion of foreign objects. Additional sensors to control the coin path and a “self-cleaning procedure” make the ES 005 an efficient security device reducing machine out-of-order times and deterring from vandalism.

Anti-Pin System ES 006

The ES 006 is specifically designed for coin operated Internet terminals and Kiosk applications. Used in conjunction with any wh electronic coin selector, the anti pin system provides an extra level of security and deterrent to vandalism by preventing the acceptance of "foreign bodies" (e.g. paper). In addition, it will provide coin entry blocking in such instances as "no Internet connection" or in response to other status reports which are generated by the PC. The 3 colour Illuminated coin entry bezel matches perfectly with any machine design.

Coin feeder / Separation System

The purpose of the coin separation system is the automatic handling of coins in cashier systems in retail applications. The coin insertion system CIS 100 incorporates a collecting pan in which the customer may drop an arbitrarily mixture of coins. The CIS 100 separates the coins and feeds them to the coin validation system consisting of the coin selector frame CIF 100, the electronic coin selector EMP 895 and the electronic motor reject EMR 100. The components are controlled via the ccTalk interface. Coin separation system consisting of:

Anti-Pin ES0003 Anti-Pin ES005 Anti-pin ES006 Coin-Seperator-CIS100 - CIF100

ES 005

ES 006



ES 003

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