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For coins and tokens from 21 to 29 mm and thickness of 1.65 - 3.1 mm . Available in 12 and 24 Volt DC with low Level Sensor (High Level Sensor optional). Parallel, ccTalk, MDB or USB interface. It is equipped with self-testing function with error indication, anti-jamming system, automatic stopping when hopper is empty and double sensor at coin exit.

Electronic hopper counting scale

The counting scale HZW 100 allows the continuous monitoring of the number of coins contained in a mini-hopper. The counting scale is available alternatively with ccTalk or MDB interface. The mini-hopper with ccTalk or MDB interface is connected via the coin counting scale to the machine. No additional plug-in connectors are necessary.

Hopper HS and HPRO

For coins and tokens from 21 to 30.5 mm diameter and 1.6 to 3.3 mm thickness with standard belt and coins and tokens from 16.25 to 21.55 mm diameter and 1.0 to 3.3 mm thickness with small belt. Available in 12 und 24 volts DC, with 2 different positions for connection plug and parallel, USB or ccTalk interface.


The Multi-Coin-Hopper pays out 1 and 2 Euro coins in random order. In combination with an additional hopper (e.g. 0,50 Euro) the set amount is reached. For an easy integration a special ccTalk command set is available.

Coin hoppers and counting scales

Mini Coin Hopper

Mini hopper

Standard Hopper

Standard hopper

Multi Coin Hopper

Multi coin hopper

Hopper Counting Scale HZW100

Coin counting scales

Standard Hopper Reverse

Standard hopper - reverse