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Willings are the longest running NRI Crane and Wh Munzprufer approved coin validator repair and service agents in the UK. We set the standards in coin mech repairs that others attempt to follow.

Whether your focus is on improving customer service, increasing revenue, or improving operational efficiency, then Willings is the ideal service partner for you and your coin mech needs.

We hope that you find our website helpful in providing product information and support, but more importantly we would like to talk to you. So please feel free to contact our workshop manager today to find out how we can help you.

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Coin validator repairs;

Coin mech updates;

Coin selector sale;

Electronic coin validators;

Electronic change-givers;

Cashless payment systems;

PC interfaces;

Escrows and hoppers;

Hopper scales;

Anti pin systems;

Steppers and timer;

Power supplies;


Anti pin devices;

Mechanical coin validators;


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Coin Validator Repairs, Coin Mechanisms & Coin Solutions Willings specialise in vcoin mech repairs, service and updates, upgrades coin mechanisms, repairs and coin machines with brands such as National Rejectors INC or NRI, Azkoyen, Crane Payment Solutions, CPI and Jofemar. With many years experience and having excelled in the field of coin mechanisms and coin machines has made Willlings the company we are today. You can be assured of quality as Willings use only the best names in coin mechanisms and machines like National Rejectors INC or NRI, Azkoyen, Crane Payment Solutions, CPI and Jofemar For more information on selector repairs, service, updates and upgrades don’t hesitate to call ours or visit

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Coin Operated Turnstiles and Gate

Coin Operated Gate Coin Operated Gate Coin Opetated Turnstile Coin Operated Turnstile

Coin Operated Vehicle Barrier

Coin Operated Barriers Coin Operated Barriers

Pedestrian Turnstiles and Gates

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Vehicle Gates and Gate Automation

Metal gate automation Wooden gates

Vehicle Barrier, Blockers and Bollards

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